NerdMiner Firmware 1.6.3 released

NerdMiner Firmware 1.6.3 released

A new firmware version has been released for all NerdMiner variants.

The firmware can be installed via the website . It is important to use the web browser Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (Firefox does not work). With new firmware, it is possible that the hashrate will be increased or new functions will be added.

Connect the NerdMiner to the PC with a USB cable and select the correct hardware under Firmware.

For the NerdMiner with housing from Makerversum and NerdMiner with housing from Lilygo, select "original board T-Display S3".

For the NerdMiner Mini select “TDisplay v1.14”.

For the NerdMiner Zero (NerdMiner without display) select "ESP32-WROOM".

After selecting the correct hardware, click on “Flash”.

A new window will open at the top left. Select the USB device in this window. In this example "USB Single Serial (COM106) - Paired" where the number behind COM can be different for you and click Connect.

Now the NerdMiner screen goes black and the latest firmware is installed. This process takes about 30 seconds. The NerdMiner starts after
automatically restart when the update process ends. After the restart, the initial setup must be repeated.

The most important innovations are an increase in the hashrate from approx. 57 KH/s to 78 KH/s . In addition, the statistics are now retained after restarting the NerdMiner (to do this, tick the appropriate box during the initial setup).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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