Nerd Miner Innenansicht

Troubleshooting NerdMiner

The Nerd Miner does not start calculating or the KH/s remains at 0:

Possible causes and solutions:

  • The WiFi signal is too weak. Move the Nerd Miner closer to the WiFi router.
  • Disconnect USB power supply. Wait 30 seconds and reconnect.
  • The Bitcoin address stored in the initial setup is incorrect or not suitable for receiving Bitcoins. Try to enter an address that is suitable for receiving Bitcoins.

You can get a free and suitable address from the Bitcoin exchanges such as or .

The hashrate KH/s keeps collapsing:

Possible causes and solutions:

  • The internet connection was not established correctly. Disconnect the NerdMiner from the power supply, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the NerdMiner to the power supply.
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