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Frequently asked Questions:

What is a NerdMiner?

The NerdMiner V2 is a cool gadget that lets you try to get a Bitcoin block every 10 minutes using a small piece of hardware.

The NerdMinerv2 has the iconic form factor of a Bitmain S9 and only consumes around 1W, which is less than 3 euros in electricity costs per year.

The main goal of this project is to teach you more about Bitcoin mining and have a nice piece of hardware on your desktop.

What is needed for operation?

All you need is a USB-C cable and a standard power supply (e.g. a used smartphone power supply) for power.

You also need an internet connection via WiFi and a Bitcoin wallet address to operate.

Where do I get a (Bitcoin) wallet address

You can get a Bitcoin wallet address for free from crypto exchanges.

Reputable crypto exchanges include, or

Power consumption

The NerdMiner only uses around 1 watt per hour. That's less than 3 euros in electricity costs per year.