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DIY Set - Bitcoin Full Node with Raspberry Pi 5

DIY Set - Bitcoin Full Node with Raspberry Pi 5

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A complete do-it-yourself set with all the components needed for a Bitcoin full node. The basis is a RaspberryPi 5 with 8GB RAM, 32GB SD card for the operating system, 2TB SSD for the blockchain data, a metal case with integrated heat sink and an original Raspberry Pi power supply for the power supply. With or without a 3.5 inch display, depending on requirements. This offer is rounded off with a short guide for assembly, flashing the RaspiBlitz software onto the SD card and the initial configuration.

Run your own Bitcoin full node and secure the Bitcoin network!
The Bitcoin full node is particularly important because it not only stores a complete copy of the blockchain, but also constantly updates it and verifies new transactions. Without full nodes, the network would not be able to confirm transactions or maintain the integrity of the blockchain.

Optionally, the entire blockchain (approx. 700GB) is already mapped onto the external 2000 GB SSD. This saves several days or weeks of synchronization time.

A complete set for your own setup and installation of the Bitcoin Full Node.

What are the advantages of a Bitcoin full node?
  • Promoting the decentralization of Bitcoin.
    By running a full node, you contribute to the decentralization and maintenance of the Bitcoin network. The more nodes there are, the more secure and robust the network is.
  • You have complete control over your own Bitcoins.
    You can send your Bitcoin transactions directly through the node without having to rely on other services. This means you no longer have to rely on third parties, but verify transactions yourself. Your privacy is protected.

  • Run your own Lightning Node

    With a full node, you can also run your own Lightning node and earn fees for forwarding Lightning payments.

  • Contribution to the security of the Bitcoin network

  • Independent verification of all transactions
    You can transparently track every single transaction that has ever been made via the Bitcoin blockchain.

Scope of delivery:

- RaspberryPi 5 (8GB RAM)
- 32 GB Micro SD card
- 2 TB external SSD
- Housing
- Heatsink with fan
- optional 3.5 inch touch display
- optionally with pre-synchronized blockchain
- Quick guide for installation, commissioning and initial configuration
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