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NerdMiner V2 - The Frame by Makerversum

NerdMiner V2 - The Frame by Makerversum

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NerdMiner V2

The trend product of the year! The Bitcoin miner for home.

The NerdMiner allows you to mine Bitcoin from home and learn everything about the actual mining process without having to invest thousands of euros.

Three NerdMiners enclosed in a frame to stand or hang up. Optionally also with adjustable backlighting and AudioReactive. This means the background lighting adapts to the music. Hundreds of different colors and effects can be set via any web browser.

The three NerdMiners each run on an ESP32 microcontroller with a 1.9 inch LCD display and consume a maximum of 1 watt. The hashrate (computing power) has been approx. 75 - 77 KH/s since the latest update.

The screen can be switched on and off or switched between different views using two buttons.

The software with which the LEDs can be controlled runs on a separate ESP32 microcontroller. You can easily adjust the effects via any web browser. You can even create a playlist and schedule the backlight.

The picture frame can either be placed on a table or shelf or mounted on the wall. This means you are guaranteed to have something unique in your home that will immediately attract everyone's attention.

The displays show, among other things, the following blockchain information:

  • The current hashing speed of the Nerd Miner
  • The time
  • The height of the current block in the Bitcoin blockchain
  • The current hashrate of the entire Bitcoin network. So the hashrate of all miners worldwide combined.
  • The current level of difficulty in Bitcoin mining. This means that you can use the mining difficulty to determine how complex it is to calculate a new Bitcoin block.
  • the number of blocks until the next Bitcoin Halving in 2024

Thanks to the three built-in displays, you always have all blockchain information in view.

You also have the (small) chance of mining a Bitcoin block. Based on the current reward of 6.25 Bitcoin per block, this corresponds to approximately €262,500 (at a Bitcoin price of €42,000).

All NerdMiners undergo a short functional test before delivery. All you have to do is enter your WiFi and your Bitcoin address and you can start mining.

With NerdMiner you can easily find out more about mining.

The perfect gadget for technology enthusiasts.
The NerdMiner is also perfect as a gift!

The picture frames are made individually after receipt of the order. Therefore the delivery time can be 1-2 weeks.

Customizations such as your own logo or lettering are possible. Please feel free to contact us about this.

Don't want the Bitcoin characters showing through? Let us know.

Technical data:
  • Power supply: 5V via USB Type-C
  • The picture frame with the three NerdMiner and the backlight is powered via a single USB Type-C port and can be operated with any standard (smartphone) power supply.
  • Max. power consumption: approx. 6 watts with backlight
  • Material housing and frame: PLA
  • Dimensions without stand: 19x14x4 cm (height / width / depth)
  • Dimensions with stand: 19x14x9 cm (height / width / depth)
Scope of delivery:
  • 3x NerdMiner V2
  • Housing in picture frame look
  • Stand for housing
  • USB Type-C power cable (180cm)
  • operating manual

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